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Marketing looks very different than it did 20 years ago. Once upon a time, TV ads and word of mouth may have been enough to sustain many local businesses. But with the huge growth and accessibility of the internet, and especially search engines, the way people shop for products and services has radically evolved. Today, search engine rankings can be the defining line between successful, sustainable growth, and your business never being found by relevant traffic.

At Urban Ignite, we put a particular emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the process by which we help you appear in relevant search results for your industry. A diverse process, SEO requires expert attention to ensure steady growth and consistent rankings. SEO is about a long-term investment. The process takes time, but it is one of the most 

Our SEO Process


We start by working with your team to craft a comprehensive SEO strategy. Together, we analyze your current performance, industry, competitors, and outline keywords that should be focused on to drive relevant traffic to your site. Throughout the process, we want to keep your team informed about ongoing SEO efforts and answer any questions that arise. 


Executing a comprehensive SEO strategy involves several processes. The overall goal is simple though: help you generate more relevant traffic on search engines by competing for relevant keywords and phrases. We build out a suite of content and strategies to make this possible. Our team has helped businesses climb ranks in their industry and generate tangible leads from their website on a consistent basis. 


Utilizing industry-leading analytic software, we are able to monitor progress, including gains and losses in rankings, as well as which pages and types of content are most successful in addition to other valuable information. We deliver this information to your business frequently so you understand the SEO approach we are taking and how the process shifts throughout.

Staying on Top of Rankings

SEO is an ongoing process. Rankings are constantly changing based off the algorithim of search engines. To stay competitive in your industry, it’s important to employ a long-term SEO strategy. SEO takes time, but it is one of the most cost-effective methods of gaining organic traffic to your website, and in turn, new customers.

Our wholistic approach to SEO allows us to continuously tweak your SEO strategy to maximize clicks and hone in on the keywords that are most likely to generate relevant, valuable traffic. We work with a variety of businesses across diverse industries to help them grow continuously instead of creating a one-time traffic boom that goes away fast as it was created. 

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Search Engine Optimized Content
Each piece of content we craft is optimized to help your website rank better with more relevant traffic. Our team will help generate new SEO-focused content, as well as assess your existing content to see how it can be tailored to increase traffic to your site.
Analytic Reports
Analytic tools allow us to create a comprehensive picture of the success of your SEO efforts so far, and what keywords and phrases we should focus on as part of the SEO drive. Each month, we deliver reports that give you a clear picture of how rankings are progressing. Our reports are delivered in easily digestible videos, where an Urban Ignite team member walks you through the information.
Backlink Building
A backlink is a connection built between your website and others via a hyperlink on their site. Our team will work to help build your catalog of backlinks, reaching out to fitting sources to ensure they help redirect traffic back to your site.
Performance Optimization
There's more to SEO than just having accurate content. Search engines will de-rank you if your website's performance is not properly optimized. We will work to increase load times, fix dead links, and perform a wholistic performance checkup on your site to make sure it's in tip-top shape.

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